So You Want To Command the National Day Parade?

The National Day Parade and Ceremony is a crowd favourite of the annual event. To lead the Parade, one must have expert-knowledge on its commands and protocol. Only those who score 10 out of 10 in this quiz are ready to be the next Parade Commander.

Think you have what it takes?

Take This Quiz And We’ll Tell You What Your National Day Parade Role Should Be

Let's begin! The trumpet sounds, announcing the start of the Parade and Ceremony. The Parade Regimental Sergeant Major (RSM) is on the scene. What is his first command?
The band strikes up the music for the Parade to form up. Which contingents are going to march onto the grounds first?
Ok, the supporting contingents have formed up on the Parade grounds. The Parade RSM hands the reigns over to the Parade Commander. He gives the command for the Guard of Honour to march onto the grounds. He shouts:
The Guard of Honour contingents march onto the grounds, and a group of officers, known as ensigns, are carrying flags. What are these flags called?
Which groups constitute the Guard of Honour Contingents?
The Singapore Army Contingent Commander shouts, "KAWALAN KERHORMATAN, HORMAT PANJI-PANJI, HORMAT SENJATA!" and the contingents raise their rifles and/or flags in salute for the arrival of the first VIP. Who is about to arrive?
Now, the President has arrived! The Parade Commander must call for a full presidential salute, during which, the National Anthem will be sung. What is the command he must say?
During the President's inspection of the Parade, the 25-Pounder Guns fire in salute. How many times does it fire?
It is time for the Guard of Honour to execute the "feu-de-joie" (Fire of Joy) to celebrate Singapore's birthday! What is the command that the Parade Commander must give?
The Guard of Honour has completed the feu-de-joie and the Parade Commander shouts, "KAWALAN KEHORMATAN, RUSUK SENJA-TA!" Which position must the contingent stand to?