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  • Miniature Stories Diorama with figurines glued down and blended into jungle ground

Jungle Base Diorama (Small)


Display your Assault Series Figurines on these jungle bases to form a beautiful diorama of soldiers in a tropical jungle. We hand-make these bases from scratch to mimic actual jungle ground, then top them off with plants imported from overseas hobby shops.

This jungle base size is good for one figurine, two with a tighter fit.

A made-to-fit 13cm acrylic case and standing metal plate are also available to complete your display or to package as a gift!

– Jungle base with realistic ground cover and hills
– Plants (amount will be similar to photos, and determined to best-suit final scene)
– Standing A5-sized jungle image backdrop on foam board (note: actual backdrop image may differ from photo)

Does not include:
– Soldier figurines (sold separately)
– Custom-inscribed metal plates (sold separately)
– Trees

Options for Figurine Bases (please choose in drop-down selection)

Blend Figurine Base: If selected, we will paint and add jungle ground texture to the figurine’s metal base to match the ground. This makes the figurine display better with the diorama, but they won’t look as nice when displayed outside as standalones.

Embed & Glue Down: If selected, we will embed and blend the figurine bases into the diorama and permanently glue them down. This creates the most seamless look possible. Figurines cannot be rearranged afterwards. It is suitable for gift presentation ceremonies where you don’t want the figurines to fall over or shift about. We will confirm your desired figurine arrangement before gluing down.


Made-To-Order Details

LEAD TIME: 1-2 weeks
NOTE: As jungle bases are hand-made from scratch, every piece will vary a little in shape and details. We use our best judgement and create them to complement our figurines. If you have any special requests, please let us know in the comments box during checkout, and we will do our best to cater to them.


Product Specifications

DIMENSIONS: Approximately L 13cm x W 9cm x H 9cm
MATERIAL: Styrofoam covered in synthetic jungle-like materials, mounted on plywood base

Available for Worldwide Shipping!


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