Miniature Stories Singapore Soldier & Jungle Diorama

Improved Dioramas: New Light Cases & Blending our Figurines

Though Miniature Stories started out as a figurine company, we’ve also been making soldier-jungle dioramas as a complementary service. Customers from the SAF (Singapore Armed Forces) have since purchased them as gifts and presented them during ceremonies. And in the course of our interactions, we decided to make some improvements: Enable our acrylic light cases to be turned […]


Infantry Feast & Rally 2017

  It was the 60th Anniversary of the Singapore Armed Forces Infantry, and we were very proud to join them at their annual Infantry Feast and Rally held at Selarang Camp. There is a saying that goes, “When the Infantry moves, the Army moves.” This is because of the Infantry’s dominant presence in any battlefield. […]

Miniature Stories SM1 Tank Prototype 4

Rolling In with the SM1 Tank

Many of you are eager to know more about our SM1 Tank that’s currently in the making. So without further ado, here are some sneak previews of our first prototype! We still have a bunch of improvements to make, especially to the tracks and MG, but looks like it’s coming along nicely. The Tank will be […]


How We Make Our Jungle Scene Dioramas

Tropical jungles form the backdrop for outfield exercises and training during NS (National Service). Those of us who have gone through it will vividly recall the smell of the thick, humid air, the feel of boots squelching through mud, the sight of thick undergrowth closing in around you, and the sound of buzzing mosquitoes and myriad […]


Our Parade Diorama

We have been working on a new diorama display for our Parade Series collectible figurines. It’s a street scene which was modelled after St. Andrew’s Road that passes between the Supreme Court and the padang (with some artistic licence, of course). During most of Singapore’s annual NDPs (National Day Parade), the contingents of soldiers from […]